Establishing KPI data for small batch manufacturing

If it suits your business, producing goods in small batches offers some significant benefits, helping to support your manufacturing KP…
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Cost Reduction

Reduce manufacturing costs with no access to capital

Are you one of the 67% of UK manufacturers who needs to invest in new IT but don’t have the capital? Data published in The Manufacture…
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Manufacturing boom or bust: Why KPIs can fail to deliver

After 10 years in the doldrums, UK manufacturing output has bounced back. According to the Office for National Statistics (ONS), manufa…
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Transparency: the key to KPI success in manufacturing

Key performance indicators, or KPIs, are useful when managing any business. However, when it comes to the factory floor, having a set of q…
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Advanced planning and scheduling capability primes Mestec solution for Industry 4.0

The latest addition to Mestec’s plant optimisation suite joins up several critical business processes to support factories aiming f…
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cloud-based MES

Four ways that cloud computing boosts labour productivity

There is little doubt that digital technologies now play a central role in modern manufacturing. A recent study from management consult…
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Does your ERP system need some rocket fuel?

Each year, The Manufacturer publishes its Annual Manufacturing Report (AMR). It’s probably the most comprehensive report on manufa…
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What if you could boost productivity by 40% and deliver 20x ROI?

ROI advisor provides an easy ‘what-if’ estimate for the financial return of a productivity improvement initiative If you could inc…
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Reduce Manufacturing Costs

Key strategies to reduce manufacturing costs – without investing capital

Many UK manufacturers finished 2016 with a surge in demand from overseas customers, largely because of the favourable exchange rates fo…
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Spreadsheets or a dedicated plant-floor solution – what’s best for your factory?

According to our recent survey, 64% of you continue to use spreadsheets to collect and analyse data in your factories. Typically, you re-…
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