Our all-inclusive pricing plans for complete packages mean you make a simple monthly payment with no up-front costs. The scope and pricing of our Standard, Professional and Enterprise levels are aligned with the scope of typical deployments and the number of licences required. Our pricing is based on the number of shared workstations that are needed in your factory, rather than the number of users, to maximise value and minimise the number of licences needed. Additional licences are required for each office based PC that is used to configure workflows and manage production schedules. However, if PCs are only being used for dashboard display purposes, a number of free licences are included with each package.

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ALL INCLUSIVE PRICE PLANS Standard Professional Enterprise
No upfont costs; Monthly direct debit payment; 10% annual pre-payment discount


/shared workstation/ month Minimum of 5 licences


/shared workstation/ month Minimum of 20 licences


/shared workstation/ month Minimum of 50 licences

Dashboard Only Licences  2 Free 5 Free 10 Free
Our total solution package
Software Modules  Any 5 Any 7 Any 10
Standard Features      
Workflow and configuration b b b
Interactive Operator Interface b b b
Data Analysis engine b b b
Report and Dashboard Suite b b b
Managed Hosting b b b
Deployment Program 10 Day 20 Day 30 Day
On-site Workshop 3 Day 6 Day 9 Day
Customised Reports 1 3 5
Application Interfaces 1 2 3
Hotline/ Email/ Skype Support b b b
Software Updates b b b
Additional Modules (per module) +£9/shared workstation/ month +£7/shared workstation/ month +£5/shared workstation/ month
Additional Services Standard Day Rate Standard Day Rate Standard Day Rate

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