Factory performance. Redefined

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Manufacturers who have redefined their factory performance chose MESTEC

Why choose MESTEC?

MESTEC’s MES (Manufacturing Execution System) software drives and improves factory performance by focusing on
your business pressures – people, time, cost and compliance.

By eliminating spreadsheets, paper-based operations and manual data collection, we deliver improved performance driven by
dynamic production planning, automated shop-floor data collection and real-time performance analytics.

MESTEC is a cloud-based solution designed to be rapidly deployed with no up-front costs.
This provides customers with immediate operational and financial value and is the foundation for your journey to a Smart Factory and Industry 4.0.

Manufacturing performance. Redefined



Create a paperless factory for fast and efficient operations

By eliminating paper, spreadsheets and manual based work orders, operator errors are reduced and real-time changes can be quickly actioned and applied.



Optimise your available resources to drive performance

Dynamically plan and schedule your people, time, materials and equipment.  Constantly evaluate and optimise factory floor performance using real-time analytics.



Rapidly gain operational and financial benefits

Our cloud based solutions are rapidly configured and implemented so that improvements are immediate.

For production planners

Advanced Planning and Scheduling (APS) and Finite Capacity Planning

Intelligent and dynamic constraint-based production planning makes a complex business process easy and efficient.

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For factory operators

Agile and intuitive operations

Highly intuitive digital operator interface to manage all aspects of factory operations through easy touchscreen technology and bar code data capture.

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For management

Analytics and performance

With over 130 business information dashboards, management can drill down into the real-time data to understand business and labour performance, that will drive continuous improvements.

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