Improve your Manufacturing  productivity by 40% or more 


You are under constant pressure to improve productivity. Therefore it’s more important than ever to be optimising the productivity of your factory – especially your labour force.

You need timely and accurate production performance data so that you can make better operational decisions fast.

The Mestec system collects and visualises all the information you need to drive continuous labour productivity, factory cost reduction and process improvement programs.

Mestec customers see their productivity improve by between 10% and 50% due to greater transparency, accuracy and timeliness of production data.

Say goodbye to paper-based shop floor data collection


Our research found that paper and spreadsheets are still the most commonly used tools for shop floor data collection. Data captured in this way is expensive to collect, prone to error and at best  it will only give you retrospective and incomplete  reporting  – often weeks after the event.

You need to know what’s going on NOW, not just last month – so that you can take the most appropriate action right now

Mestec provides easy and rapid data collection using touch-screen workstations and barcode readers feeding realtime advanced analytics – completely eliminating manual processes.

Better data means better and faster decisions, helping you keep your shop-floor productive and your customers happy.

We work with what you have


The majority of manufacturers use an ERP system. While they play an important role in planning and maintaining good financial controls they are not designed for the rigours of data collection and analysis on the shop floor.

To get the most out of your ERP system, you need to provide it with real-time information from the factory.

Our cloud-hosted software solution integrates seamlessly with your ERP system to improve the quality of data at an enterprise level without compromising the information used to drive improvement on the shop floor

This automates accurate and timely data entry into ERP while helping you drive detailed KPI improvement at the factory level.


Start seeing results in as little as 10 days, with no up-front costs


Deploying new IT systems can be a long and costly process. A typical ERP can take 18 months to roll out across a factory, and often involves multi-discipline project teams and armies of consultants.

For rapid plant-floor performance improvement, you need an approach that minimises downtime and disruption. And a low investment cost makes the business case easier to sell internally.

We offer the fastest way to make your factory more productive with a cloud-based solution that makes deployment a breeze. Our specialists work with you to configure the system to match your needs so you can be up and running in days

Our simple monthly subscription avoids the need for Capex investment, and our customers typically see a return of between 5 and 20 times their monthly investment.


  • Mestec

    A leaner factory

  • Mestec

    Lower labour costs

  • Mestec

    More consistent processes

  • Mestec

    Higher product quality

  • Mestec

    Consistent on-time delivery

Mestec cloud-hosted solutions are scalable to any size of business, are deployed rapidly by our specialist teams and are available on a simple monthly subscription basis with no up-front costs.

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