MESTEC - About us

At MESTEC we are passionate about redefining manufacturing performance and embrace highly ambitious customers who want to drive change.

Everything we do is focused on creating and implementing advanced manufacturing solutions that transform all aspects of operational performance. We do this by continuously challenging the status quo in two areas:

ERP systems are very accomplished in supporting back office processes such as finance, CRM, HR, and supply chain management but are not designed to support some of the critical aspects of a manufacturing organisation which are production planning, production execution and real time performance management. As a result, we still see the wide spread use of paper, spreadsheets and manual processes that are error prone and weaken manufacturing performance.

MESTEC bridges the gap between the back-office and the factory-floor with a purpose-built solution that continuously redefines and improves operational manufacturing performance.

Traditional MES systems attempt to address these issues but have significant drawbacks. These include an overwhelming focus on manufacturing automation while missing the human workforce element and a rigid enterprise-based architecture that is expensive, inflexible and delays in seeing any economic payback for many months. In contrast, MESTEC focuses on the performance of all manufacturing assets including machines AND people, is cloud-based and implemented through configuration only (minimising cost and implementation effort).

The MESTEC solution is available through a subscription commercial model with no upfront costs that rapidly delivers financial benefits.

What drives us?

  • We succeed when our customers succeed and we take pride in our work
  • We are committed to measurable customer outcomes, not just ideas.
  • We help customers achieve the fastest results that exceed their expectations

By redefining manufacturing performance, we can confidently say
“MESTEC is manufacturing performance … redefined”.