Accelerate your business growth and manufacturing management with £10,000 government grant

Accelerate your business growth and manufacturing management with £10,000 government grant

MESTEC’s customers are benefitting from Government grant money to help them improve their manufacturing management processes and factory performance, thanks to its status as an approved Growth AcceleratorTM vendor. This status makes MESTEC customers eligible for a ‘matched funding’ government grant of up to £10,000.

Continuous investment in training and process management can help sustain growth in your manufacturing business. However, staying up to date with best practice can be a particular challenge for smaller companies whom often lack the budgets for training, and find it equally difficult to know how best to grow their businesses.

Many management teams experience skills and knowledge gaps, especially in the adoption of new manufacturing software that can help them to improve their factory performance. Companies are all too aware that opportunities to improve their processes – and profits – could be overlooked.

Staying up to date with new techniques and technology is key to transforming manufacturing performance – but many businesses lack the working capital to fund new training.

Advanced manufacturing management training

Our comprehensive manufacturing management training delivers a modern all-encompassing approach to gathering and analysing manufacturing data, showing you how to employ the results to drive continuous improvement. 

We will work with your management team to understand their issues and goals, and identify appropriate technology that will help you to deliver robust and sustainable improvements.

Get half of your training funded by Growth Accelerator

When you come to MESTEC for your manufacturing performance improvement initiative, the government will match your spending with up to £10,000 of funding. This matched-funded government grant will enable you to train and develop your management team and implement new systems and processes to overcome any limitations in your business, whether that’s enhancing workforce productivity, process efficiency or improving the accuracy of your pricing to boost profits.

The grant can be used to:

  • Bridge any skills gaps within the management team
  • Understand what new management information is required
  • Learn how to get accurate information from all aspects of production
  • Understand what best-in-class manufacturing processes look like
  • Learn how to implement change within the organisation
  • Re-design and implement new processes to optimise profits
  • Introduce tailored manufacturing management software for superior data collection and analysis
  • Implement continuous improvement across the board
  • The overall aim of the training programme will be to accelerate and sustain the growth of your business.

Benefits and outcomes of MESTEC’s training:

Thorough training and development of your management team will impart best practice knowledge, and improve their confidence with making decisions. It will give them the ability to define, implement and enforce suitable business practices that will deliver benefits to the business and address many common manufacturing issues, including:

  • Improved throughput times from receipt of customer order to delivery of customer product
  • Clarity of status of all products through production
  • Clarity and systemised method of holding stocks releasing cash for growth
  • Optimised use of space from reduced WIP
  • On-time, in-full delivery
  • Step change in quality of product
  • Reduced internal waste
  • The ability to operate suitable management support systems
  • Full visibility of inventory, significant reduction in WIP, and reduction in production lead-times
  • Traceable operational history for each operation on each product
  • Analysis of worker productivity
  • Developing a continuous improvement culture
  • For many clients, the improved efficiencies in production will generate funds for re-investment, training and sustained growth. MESTEC’s aim is to ensure that its clients develop the ability to cope with future growth in a controlled and managed way.


MESTEC has recently completed successful delivery of a growth accelerator training programme for AutoTubeTech, a specialist provider of tube bending for the automotive industry. Rupert Pearson, Managing Director, AutoTubeTech, describes the benefits:

“MESTEC spent 12 weeks training the management team in customised workshops on a range of manufacturing management improvements including how to define and model business processes from planning through to the dispatch of finished goods, and how to encourage/enforce best practice when implementing the processes in real life.

They showed us how to evaluate the data in terms of labour and material costs, optimised product lead-times and production efficiencies, and set KPIs to enable us to monitor performance on-going.

“MESTEC’s training was not only thorough but also simple enough that we can relay it to new team members ourselves; the software they provided us with is extremely intuitive for both management and shop floor staff, whom find it easy to record data for us to support the analysis we need to continually improve our business. They essentially bridged a number of skills gaps and redesigned our business processes and systems to deliver business intelligence and enhance performance.

Next steps

If you’d like to discuss how your business can benefit from the Growth Accelerator training for your management team using the government’s match funding, contact us today.

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