Does your ERP system need some rocket fuel?

Each year, The Manufacturer publishes its Annual Manufacturing Report (AMR). It’s probably the most comprehensive report on manufa…
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What if you could boost productivity by 40% and deliver 20x ROI?

ROI advisor provides an easy ‘what-if’ estimate for the financial return of a productivity improvement initiative If you could inc…
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Reduce Manufacturing Costs

Key strategies to reduce manufacturing costs – without investing capital

Many UK manufacturers finished 2016 with a surge in demand from overseas customers, largely because of the favourable exchange rates fo…
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Spreadsheets or a dedicated plant-floor solution – what’s best for your factory?

According to our recent survey, 64% of you continue to use spreadsheets to collect and analyse data in your factories. Typically, you re-…
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paper-based data collection

Eight common excuses for using paper-based data collection on the shop floor

Our recent survey of UK manufacturers revealed that an astonishing 46% of you are still using pieces of paper to collect critical informa…
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Industry 4.0

Industry 4.0: don’t get left behind

Industry 4.0, smart manufacturing, big data, IoT, advanced manufacturing intelligence… you’ve heard all the buzzwords, but what…
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small batch

How to turn small batch manufacturing from problem to opportunity

James Womack, author of the best-selling business classic text ‘Lean Thinking’, tells the story of how he challenged his children t…
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labour productivity

Five ways manufacturers use analytics to drive up labour productivity

We asked some of our key customers to tell us how they use the data and analysis our solutions give them to drive their continuous productiv…
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Is your manufacturing business ready for Brexit?

Whether you voted to leave or remain, like it or not, the UK is destined to leave the European Union within the next two to three years. Brexi…
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Six root causes of poor labour productivity

Poor labour productivity rates are a growing concern for policymakers and manufacturers alike. Output per hour in manufacturing fell b…
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