Committed to continuous improvement: MESTEC’s new software features

Committed to continuous improvement: MESTEC’s new software features

We can’t champion continuous improvement to our customers without enforcing the principle ourselves, so at MESTEC we’re committed to developing and enhancing our software and use our customers’ feedback to help us to tailor it towards their needs. The result of this is a dedicated factory system that quickly transforms factory performance for every customer.

Recently, we have released some major new features and enhancements to our system that improve the user experience and ensure that introducing our software to your factory floor is the fastest way to boost productivity, process efficiency and profits.

What’s new?

Brand new workflow engine

We have completely redesigned the architecture for this version of our workflow engine, and the latest improvements to the software offer some key differentiators.

As a result of re-architecting our software, we enable users to model real-world factory processes more easily. Many processes involve conditional steps or tasks running in parallel, for example. Our software allows you to model the rules to implement these kinds of workflows quickly and easily using a drag-and-drop interface.

Figure 1: MESTEC’s new workflow engine enables graphical modelling of complex flows

This rich, precise way of modelling workflows increases the control you have over your processes. It also means that operators will find the system easier to use by prescribing workflows ensuring that they complete their tasks consistently, time after time.

On the shop-floor, this ‘dynamic adaptation’ approach is a feature that helps operators work more efficiently by providing them with dynamic screens that automatically format depending on the context of the process at hand.

This minimises the overhead required to interact with the touch screen terminals so that the typical operator interaction time to manage a complete build process is about 5 seconds – it’s as simple as ‘scan and touch’.

MESTEC is the only dedicated factory manufacturing software that adapts dynamically to the way it’s being used.

Even faster to deploy

All manufacturers want to keep downtime to an absolute minimum. They want to see results from improvement initiatives as quickly as possible, without disruption to their normal operations. We have deliberately designed the latest version of our software to be easy to adopt, without the need for long and expensive consulting engagements. In contrast, according to Gartner, traditional MES vendors make more than 40% of their revenues from setup consulting charges, which shows just how complex and time-consuming the setup can be.

We can typically deploy our solution within a week – and you’ll begin to benefit from your investment in manufacturing software from day one. Because the software runs in the cloud, you won’t need to purchase and support new servers to host the platform.

No software coding is required to set up our system to meet the needs of your factory. We provide easy-to-use wizards and graphical drag-and-drop set-up screens which ensure that you can get up and running quickly.

Re-designed dashboard and analysis engine

Supervisors can access our management dashboards and see the real-time data they need from any web browser at any time.

We have dramatically evolved the analysis platform to offer significantly more insight when it comes to reporting. You can click on graphical reports to ’drill-down’ into the data, which enables you to pinpoint every area of underperformance.

By re-designing the dashboard platform we have made it even easier for managers to turn the data from the analysis engine into information that they can act upon. We have added many new standard reports and views that you can run at the click of a button, ensuring that you can measure your manufacturing KPIs consistently and regularly.

Figure 2: Hierarchical graphical reporting enables users to easily drill down on key metrics

The software has retained its intuitive, easy to use graphical interface, ensuring that operators will require minimal training in order to start using the MESTEC manufacturing system, which means less time away from the production line.

New pricing model, giving immediate ROI

We have re-thought the way that we package our manufacturing software, and the pricing model, to minimise the cost of ownership. There are no upfront costs and a simple monthly license fee to pay, which enables our customers to see an immediate payback. Our aim is to enable our customers to see a return on investment in the first month.

Through a combination of direct financial savings as a result of improved efficiency and enhanced operational performance, our software typically provides a return of at least 5x the monthly investment.

GTK Case Study
Olicana Case Study

Rather than having to use disparate systems, MESTEC wraps up your MES, time and attendance and all other aspects of factory management in a single system, which further reduces the cost you would otherwise incur in buying and maintaining multiple systems. MESTEC extends the power of your existing ERP system and bridges all the common gaps between ERP and the plant floor.

See a step change in your manufacturing operations

The latest feature enhancements in our current software release deliver a manufacturing system that is more effective and easier to adopt than ever before. Manufacturing businesses can produce a step change in their operations by gaining visibility and control of their factory floor processes and human capital.

To find out more about our latest enhancements, contact us today.

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