Aerospace and defence

Aerospace and defence

Industry challenges

Cost control, manufacturing genealogy and traceability

Aerospace and defence contracts require meticulous levels of traceability across their supply chains and part-assembly lines. In this heavily regulated sector contracts can be highly competitive with slim profit margins available.

Controlling costs, recording traceability data for each component, eliminating wasteful manufacturing processes and increasing material flow is essential in this challenging industry.

Having complete visibility and control over each task-by-task manufacturing process is key to success in the aerospace and defence sector as companies strive to maintain compliance, improve efficiency and maintain the highest standards of quality.  This can only be achieved if inefficiencies in the manufacturing process can be identified and resolved.

Ensuring staff have the right qualifications and training to complete each task effectively will provide ‘best practice’ procedures, while time management data provides manufacturing cost and efficiency metrics. Providing a full ‘as-built’ record of each component used throughout aerospace and defence manufacturing contracts provides customers with complete traceability data – an essential service for safety-critical components and highly regulated industries.

The MESTEC solution

Improving traceability and driving efficiency

Determining whether a project is delivered on time and identifying productive and unproductive hours depends largely on accurate time recording. MESTEC’s solution presents real-time data via a dashboard showing where each hour of a build is being spent and provides the exact status of any manufacturing process.

Differences in manufacturing times can help identify and explain non-productive times and any necessary training requirements for personnel.

Genealogy reports deliver a wealth of component information throughout each stage of the manufacturing process. Along with detailed traceability reporting, MESTEC also helps to identify where significant improvements in efficiency can be implemented.

Tracking data for each part and delivering it to customers in a bespoke format without incurring non-value-added costs ensures that we allow the industry to improve lean manufacturing practices and drive improvement and efficiency across the entire manufacturing process.

Features and benefits

Our manufacturing solutions allow companies working in the aerospace and defence sector to maintain real-time control of each manufacturing stage while helping identify and resolve inefficiencies as well as electronically creating traceability data for all components. Benefits include:

  • Compatible within a highly regulated industry
  • ITAR compliance
  • Cost controls for both labour and materials
  • Provide complete electronic ‘as-built’ records – genealogy and traceability
  • Assured build standards
  • Improve workflow
  • Collection and analysis of test results – yields and first-time pass rates
  • Version and change control
  • Paperless factory