Food quality control and process management

Every year the food industry faces more scrutiny over its processes, and the need for traceability has never been greater.

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The horsemeat scandal and other high-profile cases of fraud in food supply chains continue to test food manufacturers’ quality control processes. Food manufacturers must process a constant stream of internal, customer and ISO audits to prove that they adhere to food safety regulations and high commercial standards, and that they have complete visibility of every step in their supply chains.

Owing to the perishable nature of many food goods, inventory tends to be fast moving – and it’s when things are moving fast that mistakes tend to go unchecked, and stock levels become harder to manage.

Some manufacturers struggle to accurately monitor workforce productivity when it comes to batch processes, which can experience extremely variable production times.

Optimise your food production processes with lean manufacturing management

Some food manufacturers still rely on sluggish paper-based processes to measure and control their production, adding unnecessary hours to their admin each month and limiting visibility.

Our manufacturing solution transforms your manual management system into a streamlined paperless factory with tailored workforce management, inventory management and cost management built in.

We help to both embed compliant business processes and also provide ready evidence to support audit activity.

We will implement a solid manufacturing management system, one which covers every aspect of your processes from labour productivity to material waste analysis.

Good factory performance and workforce management keeps admin to a minimum and prompts staff and management to follow best practice processes at all times, resulting in lean manufacturing and more streamlined, compliant operations.

Mestec system benefits for food manufacturers

Our system helps food manufacturers to better measure and control their processes, by enabling:

  • Enhanced Bills of Materials (BoM) and ingredient inventory management
  • Superior food quality control and management
    • Traceable supply chain
    • Quality checks built into process
    • Ability to scan and record batch numbers, review supplier audits
  • Built-in checks on food safety regulations to ensure compliance
  • Streamlined batch processes (by pinpointing bottlenecks and reducing variability)
  • Increased labour productivity
  • Optimised food waste management
  • Cost reduction (labour and ingredients)
    • Material waste analysis
    • High inventory visibility
    • Lean manufacturing and workforce management
  • Optimised stock control due to greater inventory visibility – even for fast-moving stock with its greater potential for error
  • Alert system for non-conformance issues

Track your food manufacturing process in real time, without the overhead of manual, paper-based audit trails.

Switch to easier, more streamlined food manufacturing management

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