Medical devices

Medical devices

Industry challenge

Cost control and traceability for medical device manufacturing

As medical technology continues to evolve, the manufacturing process must do the same to support these often-complex products. In this tightly regulated sector, manufacturers must maintain an in-depth knowledge of the manufacturing process, ensuring that product quality, efficiency and customer satisfaction are not compromised.

Manufacturers that depend on traditional, paper-based systems to track their manufacturing processes can waste valuable time and resources, often contributing to mistakes that can prove detrimental to a business.

Owing to the complex nature of many medical devices, mistakes may go unnoticed as a result of unqualified or untrained operating staff.

Meticulous attention to detail and a trustworthy manufacturing system can lead to full traceability, ensuring manufacturers remain compliant whilst also markedly increasing factory floor productivity.

The MESTEC solution

Improved visibility, flexibility and responsiveness

Our solution redefines your manual management system into a streamlined paperless factory with tailored workforce management, inventory management and cost management built in. We ensure that your operators only work on activities for which they are fully qualified, mitigating any potential risks in the process.

Our self-auditing electronic device record gives manufacturers the full traceability needed; information can be retrieved quickly and problems or risks dealt with efficiently. In turn, this boosts productivity, eliminating non-value added activities and enforcing a successful manufacturing workflow.

MESTEC will measure and provide insights into your key manufacturing and productivity data, including actual vs standard, labour efficiency, work in progress, on-time delivery, overall equipment effectiveness – all the most important information you need to improve your manufacturing operations.

Features and benefits

Our system helps medical device manufacturers to better measure and control their processes, by enabling:

  • Increased labour productivity – eliminating non-value-added activities with a paperless solution
  • Optimised stock control due to greater inventory visibility
  • Skills management – ensure that operators only work on activities for which they are qualified
  • Full traceability
  • Product quality management
  • Risk mitigation
  • Cost effectiveness – increasing revenues and reducing costs improve the profit margin