How do you standardise a highly variable process?

Complex or high value projects can be tough to engineer and even tougher to standardise, leaving project engineering companies with key questions to address:

  • How do you standardise a development stage that is still in the process of maturing?
  • How do you keep a temporary workforce’s performance up to the same standard as a permanent one in times of high demand?
  • How can you promote best practice processes when the processes themselves keep changing?
  • How do you efficiently keep track of project progress against budget and timescales when there may be hundreds of tasks?
  • How do you identify the cause of overruns to prevent them happening in the future?

Complex projects and High Value engineering manufacturing systems

The manufacturers of complex or high-value projects are often faced with these questions, and it’s difficult to find a management solution that will allow you to regulate and control complex and variable processes, and provide you with meaningful results.

Manage complex processes by fact

Many of Mestec’s clients have successfully gained control and increased visibility over complex, high value and/or immature manufacturing processes through the implementation of Mestec’s manufacturing management software.

Features and benefits:

  • Streamlined end-to-end operations
    • Break down large top-level orders into manageable, trackable work packages
    • Consolidate multiple management processes into one standardised manufacturing system
    • Instant regulation of hundreds of processes on one easy to manage dashboard
    • Ability to identify potential over-runs early
    • Non-Conformance management
    • Respond with agility to fluctuating demand
  • Improved internal processes
    • Implement workflow prompts and checks for employees to ensure best practice
    • Real time project status visibility
    • Reduced product development and release time
    • On-time and on-budget delivery analysis and forecast
    • Optimised waste management
    • Increased labour productivity
  • Superior quality control and management
    • Ability to scan and record batch numbers
    • Built-in checks on safety and quality regulations to ensure compliance
    • Alert system for non-conformance issues
    • Reduced variability in design transfer
    • Traceable products and processes in the supply chain
    • Increased efficiency and performance of machinery and equipment
    • Skills management: keep your workforce safe and compliant
  • Continuous cost reduction (labour and materials)
    • Material waste analysis
    • Record costs of rework and change requests
    • High inventory visibility and stock control
    • Lean manufacturing and workforce management
    • Enhanced Bills of Materials (BoM) and inventory management
    • Reduced risk of compliance, protecting your brand and reducing product risk
    • Actual costs vs budget/estimated cost at a detailed per task/operator level
  • Improved profit margins through:
    • Superior manufacturing efficiency
    • Waste elimination
    • Increased capacity through streamlined use of resource and labour
  • Clarified, granular reporting ability
    • Real-time data allowing cross-section analysis of plant performance
    • In depth business intelligence
    • Real time data improves forecasting and planning, stabilising and reducing variability in the supply chain
    • Reliable, easy to use dashboards

Haul your processes back into line

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