MESTEC and Oracle ATP

MESTEC and Oracle ATP

Manufacturing faces a new industrial revolution

Manufacturers are under constant pressure to innovate, to be ever more efficient, but with fewer resources, and the world’s most prestigious manufacturers are turning to us to help them.

At MESTEC we use cloud technology to optimise the whole of the manufacturing life-cycle. From process definition, through planning and execution. Our tools help companies improve all aspects of manufacturing performance, saving them time and money. But we can’t do it alone.”

MESTEC and Oracle ATP

Oracle’s Autonomous Transaction Processing Database (ATP) is the foundation of our solution to manage the whole of the manufacturing life-cycle.

Using ATP in combination with the Microsoft Azure interconnect is saving us half the infrastructure and labour costs compared to an equivalent on-premise environment. And we are now seeing some workloads run 600% faster on Autonomous than they did on our legacy environment with half the CPUs.

“Many of our customers operate 24/7 and ATP provides zero downtime.

ATP patches, maintains and tunes itself providing a more secure environment. Allowing us to focus our resources on developing innovative solutions for our customers.

I think manufacturing customers should be embracing Autonomous Technology now because the future is happening now.

With MESTEC and Oracle, it’s making anything possible.

Mark Carleton

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To discover more about the Oracle and MESTEC relationship – Oracle have created a special section on their website, which discusses in more depth the benefits of Oracle ATP with MESTEC and has some useful additional info guides regarding Oracle cloud and translytical data platforms.

Oracle and MESTEC

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