As well as delivering the tools to implement continuous labour productivity programs, Mestec solutions provide a wide range of additional benefits to enable every company to become a true lean manufacturer.

The Paperless Factory

As well as providing real-time data through touch-screen interfaces and barcode readers, Mestec solutions have the important benefit of eliminating paper based data collection and manual data analysis processes. These deliver:

  1. Additional administrative labour saving
  2. Real-time alerts to production delays
  3. Drill down analysis of root cause issues

The Paperless Factory 2

Process Improvement

Mestec’s touch screen factory-floor terminals, compatible with ERP systems, enable manufacturers to accurately measure productivity and capture data to enable comparison of actual versus standard output rates:

  1. Prioritise remedial actions and engineering improvements
  2. Pinpoint underperforming operators, machines and processes
  3. Identify opportunities for training and redeployment


Cost Reduction

Mestec’s manufacturing software enables manufacturers to efficiently track the consumption of resources, and then compare actual consumption against budgeted ‘standards’. The results:

  1. Accurate product costs and accurate pricing
  2. Reduced value of work-in-progress and scrap
  3. Minimise cost of traceability and compliance


On-time Delivery

Mestec’s manufacturing software presents manufacturing management with a quick and efficiently way of establishing the on time status of every production order on the factory floor:

  1. Identify how much work content and elapsed time remains
  2. Quickly see any orders that are running late
  3. Drill down to establish the root cause of any problems

Faster Throughput

Faster ThroughputBy analysing non-productive waiting times that cause bottlenecks and then eliminating the causes increases work throughput rates. For example, one of our customers discovered that many waiting time periods were caused the lack of availability of crane operators to move completed work. As a result new processes were put in place to let the crane operators know in advance when they would be required and to ensure they didn’t take breaks during these periods.

Reduced Inventory

Reduced InventoryBecause Mestec tracks the details of the output of each work cell and production line, this allows inventory to be continuously tracked, for both for input components and output product. With more accurate, real-time inventory recording by lot number, the need to hold buffer stock is reduced and enables the reduction in work-in-progress.

Better Quality

Better QualityMestec helps raise quality levels in many different ways. It provides the ideal data to drive Corrective And Preventive Action (CAPA) programs. By collecting test results automatic quality warning can be displayed on operator dashboards. Where quality issues have occurred in the past, clear instructions can be added to the assembly process, again on the operator dashboards. In depth analysis of the causes of different quality issues, such as customer complaints, scrap and test failures all contribute to effective continuous quality improvement programs.

Simpler Systems

Simpler SystemsBy giving everyone access the same real-time information on simple Mestec dashboards, “silos” of information owned by different people in different places are eliminated. By having a single manufacturing operations management system to hold all key production information a one-stop-shop for all factory performance analysis and reporting is created. So it is easy to identify relationshops between different areas – for example, are customer complaints related to non-conformances found in house or do supplier raw material issues affect manufacturing performance?

More Consistent Processes

More Consistent ProcessesEvery manufacturing company has the goal to implement consistent and efficient manufacturing processes. Mestec helps you identify best practice and embed this into the workflow processes, instructions and training to ensure that all jobs are carried out consistently and effectively. Mestec can help identify where variations in working practices are creeping in and indicate where more detailed work instructions or guidance are required.