This simple ROI calculator helps demonstrate how easy it is to justify investing in Mestec manufacturing productivity solutions.

This calculator focuses on Labour Productivity and Labour Utilisation as these are the areas where many of our customers realise the largest cost savings.

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To begin this very quick ROI estimate, simply select your preferred currency and fill in the 5 orange boxes and we will work out the rest for you:

(i.e. your modest target percentage increase in output per employee (whilst engaged in manufacturing activities) - as a result of having a real-time data collection and analysis system)

(i.e. your modest target increase in percentage of time spent on productive work (instead of any other activities) - as a result of having a real-time data collection and analysis system)

(i.e. the number of shop-floor operators in your factory who would be using the Mestec solution)

(i.e. the approximate average monthly salary (including other employment costs, NI, Pension, etc.) - of shop-floor operators)

Number of Mestec screens required on the shop floor



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Clearly this is not intended as a detailed analysis, but is a good initial “order of magnitude” estimate of what should be possible for your business.

This advisor only calculates labour cost savings, but there are many other areas where Mestec solutions provide additional cost savings. We would be happy to help you evaluate these areas in more detail:

  • Identify and eliminate production bottlenecks
  • Reduce rework time and cost
  • Eliminate time spent on collecting and analysing manual data
  • Avoid time spent on tracking WIP and progress chasing
  • Reduction in material usage and scrap
  • Reduction in production asset downtime
  • Improved product consistency and quality
  • Improved on-time delivery performance