Our highly developed and proven services are designed to get you up and running fast and to ensure our solutions always meet your specific needs.

The all-inclusive packages we offer are carefully designed to cover every aspect of deployment, hosting and support, whatever the size of your business.


All deployment projects cover the same key activities, but are scaled to match the scope of each project.  Our specialist teams are experienced at configuring our solutions quickly and efficiently so that they match your manufacturing processes and reporting needs.There are 6 key steps to every deployment project.  The complete process is very efficient and can be completed in as little as 10 days.

1 – Agree detailed project objectives

DeploymentRight at the start, we review and agree the detailed objectives of the project based on your latest requirements and situation.  This process if very straightforward but is essential to maximise the effectiveness of the deployment program and to give us a shared specification for the overall program.

2 – On-site workshop

On-site WorkshopDuring our time at your factory we will work hand-in-hand with you team to model your production workflows, provide training, specify the reports and application interfaces you require and advise on the system deployment process.  These workshops are intense to deliver results very quickly.

3 – Model your workflows

Model Your WorkflowThis increases the control you have over your processes and makes it easy for operators to ensure they complete tasks consistently time after time. Our drag-and-drop interface makes it simple to model real-world factory processes.

4 – Software module configuration

Each of the software modules that you have selected are configured to deliver the specific additional functionality you require:

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5 – Reports and KPI Dashboards

Reports and KPI DashboardIn order to maximise the benefit of the Mestec solution we always want to make sure that the analysed data is presented in the best possible format.  Mestec has a huge library of ready-to-go reports and dashboards that report all aspects of manufacturing performance, these can be further enhanced where needed to cover unique and specific aspects of your business.

6 – Application interfaces

Application Interfaces (2)Making sure the Mestec solution interfaces directly into your other manufacturing systems is an essential step in the rapid deployment process.  Frequently this involves interfacing to an ERP system, but may well involve interfacing to a number of other systems as well.

"Mestec gave us the ability to link people to work centres"

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"We could see where every hour went and if it was non-productive, why"

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"Before, progress was something of an art, now we know where we are with pinpoint precision"

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DATACENTREOur total solution packages include managed hosting on a highly resilient and scalable cloud platform boasting industry-leading 99.95% availability levels.  Delivered by Interoute Communications, an Oracle Platinum Partner, Microsoft Gold Partner and is judged by the Gartner Group to be in their ‘magic quadrant’ ranking level.

No software installation

MANTABLETManaged hosting means there is no software to install or maintain and delivers a proven process for going live with the system in the minimum possible time.  Some customers prefer to host our software in-house and we are happy to work with your IT team to deliver the Mestec solution on that basis.

"The Mestec system is doing a lot of the work that people would otherwise have to do"

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"It’s been a huge step forward, for the first time we’ve got accurate data"

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"Today, it’s all about best practice in material flow and eliminating actions that don’t add value"

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Support 1We provide expert on-going support to help resolve any issues you may have and to provide enhancements to your Mestec solution as your needs develop, change and grow. Or it may just be a quick call to explain a new feature or to help you understand an aspect of the system you have only recently started to use.

Future proof

Support 2Our continual investment in R&D means that we adding new features and capabilities to our solutions on a regular basis.  This ensures that all our customers can be confident that the Mestec solution remains at the cutting edge of technology.  These software updates are included in the Mestec all-inclusive pricing package.

"We’ve now got a better, lower-cost and more productive business - and happier customers as well"

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"The more we looked at how we were working, the more we saw the potential to change our manufacturing processes"

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"Beyond the rapid payback period, the efficiency improvements we have made have enabled us to increase manufacturing capacity"

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