Transform your manufacturing labour productivity

Optimise Labour Utilisation

Mestec is the fastest way to increase overall labour productivity.

Although labour productivity is the no.1 KPI for most manufacturing organisations, the Mestec system also includes all the tools required to drive improvement across all your factory KPIs.  The key elements to the system are:

  • A rich model of manufacturing process and workflow
  • A slick user interface with touch screens and barcode scanners for efficient and accurate shop-floor data collection
  • A powerful data analysis engine and our smart reporting & dashboards will illuminate all aspects of manufacturing performance, providing instant insights at the touch of a button.

Customers can choose from a wide range of additional software modules that deliver specific functionality covering the spectrum of manufacturing activities from receipt of raw materials through to dispatch of finished goods. Mestec is provided as an easy-to-deploy cloud based solution, allowing you to get up and running in almost no time!

We provide the data capture and analysis capabilities to complement your existing ERP system. Mestec keeps your ERP up to date by feeding it highly-accurate live factory information. Meanwhile, Mestec underpins your performance improvement initiatives by providing essential and highly-detailed insights into every manufacturing operational KPI from labour productivity & efficiency to quality to ‘actual versus standard’ analysis. Mestec’s ‘all-in-one’ approach provides a manufacturing organisation with what it needs to out-perform the competition. It joins-up the dots of your manufacturing data-flow and allows you to say ‘goodbye’ to paper and spreadsheets forever!

Paperless Shop Floor Data Collection

  • Simple & easy operator interface. Operators just tap a touch screen workstation or scan a barcode. Context-sensitive screen layouts make interaction intuitive.
  • Frictionless data capture. Capturing large amounts of data becomes a natural part of the process with no additional operator or supervisor effort, and with no paper or spreadsheet recording at any stage.
  • Detailed, accurate & timely data. As a result of the intuitive nature of the Mestec touchscreen interface, operators find it easy to accommodate Mestec and its use very quickly becomes second-nature. This results in lots of reliable data which builds the ‘real’ picture of what’s happening in the plant which is available for all to see.

Optimised Labour Management

  • Time & Attendance Recording. Mestec records operator clocking in & out, sickness and holiday absence. It then processes pay rules to ensure that staff are paid correctly.
  • Non-Production Activity. Book time to non-production tasks such as team meetings, training and other indirect activities.
  • Overall Labour Productivity (OLP) analysis. Use Overall Labour Productivity Analysis to provide a detailed view of all causes of productivity loss in the same way as OEE is used to track asset performance

Real-Time Performance and KPI Management

  • Analysis of key manufacturing and productivity metrics. Mestec provides all the insights you need to improve your manufacturing operations across the board! KPI’s such as actual versus standard, labour efficiency, work in progress, on-time delivery and overall equipment effectiveness are all in the standard Mestec visualisation suite.
  • Smart, Graphical Dashboards. Easy-to-digest, graphical dashboards display key results and track your KPIs in real time and at the touch of a button.
  • Sophisticated data analytics. Mestec provides full ‘slice and dice’ functionality that shines the light on causes of sub-optimal performance. Get to the heart of the problem in just seconds!
  • Realtime alerts. Mestec can be configured to send e-mails, SMS messages, sound alarms and invoke any conceivable alert when pre-determined thresholds are breached. The right people are alerted of critical problems as they happen.

Asset performance management

  • Manage machine and asset performance. Mestec collects all the required information to feed asset performance KPI’s. Mestec measures up/down time, scrap counts/reasons, throughput, speed losses, etc and turns this information into actionable insights.
  • Downtime analysis. Analyse principle causes of downtime by asset, asset type, production line, reason, etc
  • Asset Performance Tracking and Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE). Use the production, scrap and downtime data collected from your factory floor to provide detailed insights into machine performance including OEE without clumsy spreadsheets.

Advanced Planning and Scheduling

  • Integrated APS. Mestec has fully integrated day-to-day scheduling, constraint-based capacity planning, what-if analysis and scenario planning.
  • Be in control. A drag and drop Gantt chart is a familiar, intuitive interface for your production planners, meaning rapid adoption and implementation; putting your production department in charge of time critical production scheduling.
  • Single source of truth. Mestec’s APS functionality means you ditch the spreadsheets and have plans rapidly updating in real-time and visible across your organisation. Everybody is working from the same plan and multi-user access means that multiple people can edit the same plan.
  • Progress Monitoring. Live feeds from touchscreens in the plant provide the ‘master plan’ with a realtime status of ‘where we are now’ together with how long operations are actually The result is an up-to-the-second understanding of how production is going against the plan and what might need to be adjusted to ensure customer deliveries are made on-time. Integrated APS within the Mestec suite provides the final ‘missing link’ within an ultimate manufacturing system.

Quality Functions

  • Non-Conformance Management. Track non-conformances and issues of any type (product faults, customer complaints, audit non-conformances, improvement ideas, etc). Record corrective and preventative actions (CAPA)
  • Quality Management. Manage all your shop-floor quality processes from within your single plant-floor production system. Define test/inspection plans, capture test results and manage ‘dynamic’ electronic work instructions to ensure operators are always working from the correct version of documentation. Log document views, providing an auditable trail that the correct document was referenced during manufacture. Make documentation associated with current activity viewable – either mandated or optional.
  • Workflow Management. Define and enforce detailed workflows to ensure production sequences are adhered to at all times.
  • Tools Management. Associates tooling with manufactured product for traceability and tool usage records. Prevent operators from carrying out a manufacturing operation unless tools satisfy preset calibration rules.
  • Skills Management. Keep operators safe by ensuring compliance, using audits to prove that people only do the jobs they are qualified to do.
  • Electronic Device History. Collects an electronic “traveler” to monitor who did what and when, including actual hours booked to manufacturing operations.
  • Install Base Management. Track inventory through entire lifecycle from original manufacture through service and repair.

Materials Management

  • Inventory Management. Provides clear visibility of inventory and basic material requirements to help avoid shortages while managing down stock. Operators can record and process material transactions such as receipts, dispatches, adjustments, splits, returns and so on.
  • Label Printing. Print barcoded labels at any stage of the manufacturing process using pre-defined label designs and formats.

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