ERP integration

ERP systems increase the efficiency and productivity of complex back office manufacturing operations management such as finance, customer management and supply chain.  The combination of a powerful ERP system and MESTEC’s dynamic MES system provide a total solution to optimise the manufacturing workforce and drive operational productivity.

MESTEC has developed integration APIs to seamlessly exchange data between ERP and our MES system.  The design of the integration APIs ensure continuity of factory floor operations should communication with the ERP system be disrupted.

The MESTEC solution seamlessly integrates with all MRP and ERP systems including SAP, Oracle, Microsoft, Epicor and Sage.

MESTEC supports the entire manufacturing life-cycle from defining the manufacturing process through planning and execution of work on the shop-floor. 

Rich, detailed data is collected and analysed in real-time, ensuring compliance and driving continuous improvement at all stages of the process. 

Typically, MESTEC works in tandem with ERP/accounting systems, importing master data where available and automatically feeding production data back into ERP in real-time. MESTEC minimises data entry, reduces data error and enables smarter manufacturing business decisions.

Solutions overview