For production planners

Intelligent and dynamic constraint based planning

For production planners

Comprehensive finite capacity planning

MESTEC ensures that all the constraints in the factory no matter how complex can be comprehensively planned: labour, material, machine capacity, space, change-over times, logistics etc which will be continuously evaluated to accommodate changing production requirements.

Putting planners in control

The MESTEC solution ensures that planners are in complete control as the factory’s priorities change.  The latest plan is visible to all in real-time, providing a single source of truth, eliminating the hours spent manipulating instantly out-of-date spreadsheets and paper copies.  With continuous real-time data, alerts are communicated to provide advance warning of potential critical impacts to the schedule so that corrective action can be taken.

Achievable production scheduling based on reality

Plans based on actual factory performance and updated with real-time status from the factory-floor provide realistic plans and dates that people believe in and can work to.  Priorities are no longer based on who shouts loudest.

What-if scenario analysis

‘What-if’ scenario analysis takes the guess work out of production planning as planners can model the potential impact to the business with changes to, for example, shift patterns, manning levels and forecast demand.  Confidently knowing you can fulfil every new order and when you can commit to delivery is essential for keeping customers happy.

For factory operators

Agile and intuitive digital operations

Simple and intuitive operations

Touch screens guide operators through the manufacturing process with detailed step by step instructions as well as collecting all aspects of process data required for real-time KPI visibility, schedule adherence and manufacturing regulatory compliance.

Removing the burden of paper-based data collection ensures the data is accurate and operators always have clear visibility of priorities and tasks. Operators have all the up-to-date documents and procedures relevant to their current work at their fingertips without having to sift through libraries or piles of paper.


MESTEC enforces best practice at every stage of manufacturing.  It is impossible to complete a job unless operators have the correct skills and certifications, tools are in calibration, drawings are the correct version, quality checks are completed, and all other compliance requirements are satisfied.  Auditable evidence of compliance is collected at every stage without the need for a paper-trail.

Real-time 360-degree visibility

MESTEC keeps the organisation up-to-date with live information, eliminating the need for operational staff to spend time answering queries and providing progress and performance information.

Real-time visibility of performance and causes of productivity loss encourage a continuous-improvement culture.  Live feedback and alerts to those responsible for today’s performance provide real opportunity for the elimination of performance and productivity loss.

For management

Manufacturing performance analytics and KPIs

Manufacturing performance improvements

MESTEC drives immediate improvements within all operational activities and directly impacts the success of manufacturing performance strategies and initiatives. Reliable and timely shop-floor data drives continuous labour and asset productivity, factory cost reduction and continuous improvement programmes.

MESTEC customers see their productivity improve by up to 50% due to greater transparency, accuracy and timeliness of production data.

Sophisticated and powerful data analytics

MESTEC provides dashboards that highlight manufacturing KPIs such as actual vs standard, labour efficiency, schedule adherence, on-time delivery and overall equipment effectiveness.  MESTEC shines the light on causes of sub-optimal performance that would otherwise remain unseen. This information is vital in reducing costs, streamlining manufacturing optimisation processes and improving efficiency across the plant.

Real-time alerts

MESTEC ensures that the right people are alerted to critical problems as they happen by sending emails, SMS messages, and sounding alarms when pre-determined thresholds are breached. This ensures prompt intervention to prevent problems escalating.