MES simplified – advantages and benefits

Define manufacturing process

  • Define manufacturing processes with all the information and business rules required to plan and execute production
  • Model complex manufacturing processes including parallel and conditional operations using drag-and-drop graphical flowcharts

Effective advanced planning and scheduling

  • Comprehensive finite capacity planning to model all the constraints of your supply chain and manufacturing operations
  • Plans based on the real-time performance of the factory
  • Provide a single source of truth for planning priorities so everyone is pulling in the same direction
  • Live visibility of schedule adherence – early warnings of issues prevent the need to fire-fight
  • Scenario planning and what-if analysis to understand the impact on your business of any changes to demand, production, deliveries, shift patterns etc.

Efficient shop-floor management data collection

  • Efficient shop-floor data collection on any device including touch screens, bar-code scanners, RFID, tablets and interfaces to automated equipment
  • Remove paper, spreadsheets and manual processes to create a paperless factory
  • Base decisions on information that is more comprehensive, more accurate and more up-to-date than ever before

Assured compliance

  • Operators are always presented with the latest version of instructions and documentation
  • Ensure that the optimum sequence of operations is consistently followed
  • ‘Active’ skills matrix to ensure that operators only work on tasks they are qualified to perform
  • Enforced quality checks and workflow for non-conformances
  • Auditable evidence that correct procedures have been followed

Provide visibility and transparency

  • Real-time dashboards and alerts trigger action before problems escalate
  • Information at finger tips: no need for progress-chasing
  • No spreadsheets required; just a browser
  • No compiling reports in Excel

Drive continuous improvement

  • Give staff the information they need to make better decisions
  • Highlight opportunities for productivity improvement in real-time
  • Create a continuous improvement culture with live shop-floor big-screen dashboards
  • See rapid improvements in quality, cost and delivery