MES simplified – rapid implementation

MES simplified – rapid implementation

Configuration v customisation

Our ready-to-go factory solutions are configured to your needs rather than requiring time consuming and costly customisation.

Getting to the value

Improvements to manufacturing operations and overall business performance are evident from Day 1.  Consistently, the financial benefits exceed the monthly subscriptions and continue to increase as system features are fully optimised.

Subscription model with no up front costs

Our simple subscription model includes the software licences, maintenance & support, full application hosting & management and in addition, the implementation project consultancy and services.

Deployment program

Our experienced MES consultants will guide you through any size of implementation.  We will design a program to suit your needs including:

  • Requirements gathering
  • On-site training workshops
  • Remote training and support
  • Interface specification and development
  • Testing and go-live support
  • Custom reports and dashboards

An initial MESTEC implementation typically takes one to two months.

Iterative implementation

Where possible we aim to deliver projects in phases to provide the shortest possible time to go-live, so that you gain both operational and financial value in very short order.