Stories from the Cloud – the definitive Oracle podcast on all things cloud related

Stories from the Cloud – the definitive Oracle podcast on all things cloud related

Stories from the Cloud – an interview with Mark Carleton

Are robots coming for manufacturing jobs?

That’s a very common question in the industry. But the reality is, except in the largest high-volume factories, pencils and paper still rule the day.

In this episode of Stories from the Cloud, the Oracle Cloud Podcast, Mark Carleton, our COO talks to show hosts by Michael Hickins and Barbara Darrow. Mark answers their question ‘Paper vs Robots’ and explains how technology can help modernise and improve operations.

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This podcast was recorded when Mark was invited as a keynote speaker at Oracle Openworld 2019.

Stories from the Cloud podcast highlights

Customer Challenges

MH: “What does the whole manufacturing sector look like…?”

MC: “They are being compelled because of competitive pressure to improve quality cost and delivery, but they aren’t being given more resources and need to do more with less.”

“We see them struggling to recruit the skills they need to performs all the operations.”

“They are facing ever mounting regulation burdens, nobody ever takes away a piece of regulation, its only ever added too, it places a huge burden on manufactures.”


MH: “Is it the same skill sets to support a submarine manufacturing company as it is to support a cookie maker?”

MC: “In terms of skills, we are software development house, what we think we’ve done is created a very clever product that can be configured to model very diverse manufacturing environments.”

“It contrasts with a lot of the solutions that are out there where you get given effectively a tool kit with which you build your self a solution, rather than a solution that works out of the box, we think subscribe, open a browser and off you go.”

MH: “What kind of business processes or production processes can you help your customers improve?”

MC: “One of the big wins that our customers get is improvements in labour productivity.”

“If you think about the whole talk of Industry 4.0, industrial internet of things, it misses the point that the people are what drive most manufacturing business and the solution that focus on IoT are losing their focus on the people and getting the information out of those valuable assets in your business.”

“The biggest journey we have come on is finding efficient ways to help customers drive labour productivity in their business.”

MH: “Tell us a little bit about what a day in the life of one your customers looks like and how your solutions interact with that?”

MC: “The people that are interested in our solutions in factories face a whole variety of challenges: from receiving a new order; can we deliver it, do we have the resources? can we promise to deliver it on Friday or not? Do we need overtime?”

About Stories from the Cloud

Enterprises worldwide are turning to the cloud to help them thrive in an ever-more-competitive environment. In this podcast, veteran journalists Michael Hickins – former journalist with The Wall Street Journal and Barbara Darrow – former journalist with Fortune chat with the people behind this massive digital transformation and the effects it has on their work and lives.
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